Where to stay in Mytilene Regions and Hotel Recommendations

Where to stay in Mytilene Regions and Hotel Recommendations

1207/5000Where to stay in Lesbos? Mytilene, Greece’s third largest island; beautiful beaches, romantic villages, pine forests extending to the sea and fascinating visitors with its interesting history.

This unique island, which inspires world famous artists and successfully represents Mediterranean culture, can be visited at any time of the year. Mytilene is a modest place with a population of close to 100 thousand inhabitants; it is quiet, quiet, peaceful and appeals to everyone who wants to spend time with nature.

There are many answers to the question nerede Where to stay in Mytilene?.. Since tourism is one of the main livelihoods of the islanders, your choices for accommodation, food and souvenirs are increasing. Although there are not many 4 and 5 star hotels within the island, there are special boutique hotels that you can stay in very comfortable prices with very reasonable prices.

If you’re wondering which area is better for accommodation in Lesbos, or if you’re uncertain about choosing a hotel, you can take a closer look at the island’s most popular tourist areas and the ideal hotel options.

What will you find in the article where to stay in Mytilene?

Mytilene, the capital city of Lesbos and the gate to the island,
Molivos (Mithymna), the tourism capital of the island
After Molyvos, Petra, the most popular holiday village in Lesvos,
Skala Eresou, with its rich culture and untouched nature
Plomari hosts 7 wonderful villages
Vatera is home to the longest and most beautiful beaches of Greece.
The above mentioned places are among the most preferred and most accommodated regions within the island. Each town has its own pros and cons. Take a look at our article and you can plan where you can stay during your holiday in Mytilene.

The ancient castle, which is the symbol of the town and illuminated at night, reveals the town’s skyline. The town, which is known for its picturesque view, is quite small and can be easily reached from one point to another. It is possible to have a wonderful holiday in this quiet town without traffic, environmental pollution and noise.

Once you have reached the town and settled in your hotel, you can arrange day trips from Molivos, which is centrally located, to most of the island.

In the historic Mithymna district, you can walk the traditional cobbled streets, explore the Medieval Castle of Molivos, and sample delicious seafood at one of the restaurants in the town’s beautiful harbor. You can have fun around the harbor and take part in tourist boat trips.

For your accommodation, you can choose the boutique hotels along the beach or the tourist facilities that extend into the town. Within walking distance of the town’s golden beaches, you can enjoy the sea as well as the large outdoor pools, where you can swim with the perfect view of Molivos.