Where to Stay in Barcelona Regions and Hotel Recommendations

Where to Stay in Barcelona Regions and Hotel Recommendations

Barcelona, one of Spain’s most popular tourism centers, is one of the cities that travelers are interested in every year of the year. If you are going to this beautiful city individually, not by taking package tours, the first question you will probably have is tak Where to stay in Barcelona akl.

In this article, which I have prepared in order to be useful for individual travelers, I will also present you the Barcelona hotel recommendation list for all budgets including the most beautiful regions to stay in, especially Barcelona city center hotels.

If you are uncertain about your choice of region and hotel for accommodation in Barcelona, you will be much more confident after reading the guide on where to stay in Barcelona.

1443/5000Catalunya Square or Plaça de Catalunya with its original name is my first advice for those who say where to stay in Barcelona.

If you stay around the square on the border of the Ciutat Vella and Eixample districts, you can walk to many of the city gezs sights.

As I mentioned in my article about Barcelona airport transportation, Aerobus is one of the most preferred vehicles for transportation from the airport to the center. The departure point of these buses is located in the square. If you stay around the square, you can easily reach your hotel from the airport.

If you don’t like walking or walking places, metro and bus lines with stops around the square can be used. Also in Barcelona, ​​which is very active and I recommend you to use the hop on hop off tourist buses pass through this square.

In short, this square is like the center of the city’s transportation network. You will be very comfortable in transportation both from the airport to your hotel and wandering around the city.

It is a very nice place to stay in the center of the city. Naturally, the location advantage is reflected in the prices of hotels. But with good research, I think this situation can be overcome.

In short, those who say where to stay in Barcelona and looking for a city center facility can first look at hotels in this area. If I’m going back to Barcelona right now, I’ll definitely have a look at the hotel prices in this region.