Should I go to Italy on a tour or individually?

Should I go to Italy on a tour or individually?

Italy tours are one of the most recommended tours especially for going abroad for the first time. In addition to the magnificent beauties of Italy, the fact that tourism is one of the most important livelihoods of the country and that millions of travelers visit the country each year determines the importance of tourism in the country. Moreover, the uneasiness experienced by someone who went abroad for the first time is flying away because of the thousands of similar people around when he stepped into Italy.

One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to the tour of Italy is the question of whether it is better to go to Italy by participating in tours organized by tour companies or by making an individual reservation as someone who has experienced many times abroad, including Italy. we also lived.

Normally, I’m not the kind of person who likes tour trips, and I enjoy organizing trips myself. When we finally decided to take a long trip to Italy with my mother, father and wife, we decided to take all the possibilities.

It is a long time since we think that our parents may experience difficulties in a very fast-paced trip due to their age, at least by joining the tours, making inter-city crossings easier and navigating the cities more easily with panoramic tours. We investigated.

In the end, we decided that a comfortable trip could be arranged with good research and decided to go to Italy individually. Age, economy, experience…

Regardless of the subject, I decided to gather what we experienced in this article in order to be useful to those who are in this dilemma. The writing may be a bit long, detailed, boring, but I tried to write down all the details that came to mind.

If you are one of those who remain in this dilemma, the information may be useful. (You can read the most beautiful places you should visit in Italy in my Places to Visit Italy.)

Should I go to Italy on a tour or individually? What’s in it?

Details About Our Italy Tour

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    In short, should I go to Italy or should I go individual?

Our Italy Tour Plan: After I decided to go to Italy individually, I worked on alternatives to the itinerary. Since I had a similar experience before, route planning was not difficult.

If we didn’t have parents, we could have gone to Naples and added 1 more city to the tour. However, the tour was not too tiring to reduce the number of cities later, and the bottom plan appeared. We spent 3 nights in Rome and 2 nights in Florence and Venice.

Day 1: THY 08.15 flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Rome. Touring the center after the hotel entrance.
Day 2: Visiting the Vatican and its surroundings to the center.
Day 3: We continue to visit places we cannot visit in Rome.
Day 4: Early departure from the hotel and arrival to Florence in 1 hour and 18 minutes by express train. Full day Florence after settling in the hotel.
Day 5: Early morning train ride to Pisa. After 3-4 hours touring in Pisa, return and tour of the center of Florence.
Day 6: Departure from the hotel in the morning and transit to Venice by high-speed train. Full day in Venice.
Day 7: Visit Venice’s famous islands Burano and Murano and return to the center.
Day 8: Departure from the hotel, 14.20 THY Return with Venice-Istanbul expedition.
Note: We booked our flight tickets and hotel reservations 1.5-2 months before the tour. It would have been possible to find much more affordable prices if we had the chance to arrange earlier.

The trip was a bit more upscale than the previous trips we did with our parents. Our hotel choices were much more central and good quality.

We accept the criticisms of the style “with the money you pay for the hotel, you would stay in the hostel until that night ama but it was supposed to be the case for a comfortable Italy tour for us.

Therefore, you can make the following evaluations accordingly. Tours will be much more economical if you will be set up earlier and with accommodation in different conditions.

When we decided to make a tour in Italy, the first thing was to go to the internet and examine the tour packages of all the serious tourism companies in Italy.

The most important thing in this point if you do not have experience in overseas tours if you decide to go somewhere tour with the name of the sector, necessarily choose the most serious companies. 50 euros cheaper than an unheard of a company that you can make a tour of material and moral costs explode more expensive.

Remember, even some of the most famous tourism companies organize serious trips today.

ETS Tour, Jolly Tour, Pronto Tour, Kappa Tour, Memorial Tour, Holiday This is the name and many companies that can not be mentioned are organizing Italy tours. We took a look at most of the tour programs.

Italy tours usually vary between 2-3 nights and 8-9 nights. The programs, called the Classic Italy Tour, usually take a week and visit the most famous cities of the country. The route is usually Rome, Florence (Pisa), Venice and Milan. In addition, you can visit the famous towns in the surrounding area with extra tours.

If you don’t have time problems, you should go to Italy for at least 6-7 nights. The tours usually start in Rome in the south of the country or Milan in the north and end at the other end.

Tour prices in Italy are usually close to each other. For example, during our research periods, the ETS Tour and Pronto Tour’s 1-week Classic Italy Tour cost around 650 Euros per person. This price is far from the center, valid for 3 star and accommodation in setting.

The price includes flights, accommodation fees, intermediate transfers and panoramic city trips. If you want to stay in the center of the hotel is not out of town, you usually have to pay an extra such as 100-200 euros per person, we did not have this option during our research period.

In our opinion, this is a very important subject, you can find the details in the following article. Another thing that is not included in the tour price is extra tours. Extra tours are usually classic;

Trip to Naples and Pompeii: 85 Euro
Lake District and Castelli Romani Shopping Trip: 45 Euro
Rome Night Trip: 35 Euro
Trip to Toscana (San Gimignano, Pisa and Siena): 90 Euro
Trip to Verona and Lake Garda: 25 Euro
Venice Gondola Tour: 25 Euro
If you choose to participate in all these extra rounds and pay in bulk at the start of the round, there is a 10% discount. There is a minimum number of attendance requirements to arrange extra tours only.

For example, if the number of travelers wishing to participate in Tuscany is less than 10-15, no extra tours are organized. As a result, you should add extra tours that you intend to participate on tour prices and prepare your budget.