Marmaris Places to Visit | Top 5 Places!

Marmaris Places to Visit | Top 5 Places!

Marmaris is famous for its beautiful bays and beaches. Easily accessible from the sea and land, Marmaris’s bays surrounded by forests await visitors with clear waters, clean beaches and historic ruins. You can enjoy your holiday using the list of places we have prepared for you among many options.

What are our things to do in Marmaris?

Marmaris Attractions

  1. Marmaris Beaches
  2. Marmaris Castle and Museum
  3. Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum
    4th Week Sultan Caravanserai
  4. Icmeler
  5. Orange
  6. Selimiye
  7. Hisaronu
  8. Cleopatra Island
  9. Dandelion
  10. Dalyan
  11. Ancient City of Loryma
  12. Kumlubük Cove
  13. Bördübet Bay
  14. Bozburun Peninsula
    Other Places to Visit in Marmaris
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You can make your Marmaris holiday in a limited time satisfying historical and natural beauties by visiting the places we recommend below. Even if you do not have your own vehicle, you can easily reach the places on our list by land and sea.

  • Marmaris Beaches

You can make your holiday enjoyable by swimming, sunbathing and water sports in Marmaris which has become popular thanks to its beautiful beaches.

Only 8 km away from Icmeler Beach, 21 km away, Turunc Beach, and the famous Cleopatra (Sedir Island) Beach, which is famous for its sands, attracts attention as the most preferred beaches by holidaymakers.

Orhaniye Kızkumu Beach, 36 km away surrounded by pine forests, Paradise Island Beach with a magnificent view, Günnücek Beach with camping area, Çiftlik Beach, famous for its large grained sands and Boncuk Bay, which is famous for its cleanliness, are of great interest.

  • Marmaris Castle and Museum

Built in the 2nd millennium BC, Marmaris Castle has been home to the Marmaris Archaeological Museum since 1991. Historical lovers of Marmaris must be included in the list of places to visit in the museum Knidos, Burgazada and Hisaronu collected from places such as exhibits.

You can visit the castle and the museum which is important throughout history since it is located on the transit route between Aegean Sea and Mediterranean, except Mondays.

  • Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum

Founded in 2005 by businessman Ahmet Urkay, who came to the district in 1966 and was known for his emphasis on education, culture and cultural values, 3500 pieces of archeological and ethnographic works are exhibited in the museum.

The collection of the museum, which includes works such as ewers, carpets, kilims, ceramic stoves, jewelery and antique columns, mostly continues to grow with each passing day.

  • Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai

The caravanserai built by Süleyman the Magnificent for his mother Valide Hafsa Sultan in 1545 is located near Marmaris Castle.

Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, which was also used as a accommodation point during the Rhodes expedition, is considered as one of the most important Ottoman works in the region.

You can buy souvenirs that will help you to remember your holiday in Marmaris from the souvenir shops in the historical place.

  • Icmeler

The village, which takes its name from the famous drinking water sources, is home to one of the most famous beaches in Marmaris.

The cool wind of the unique region where green meets blue prevents you from overwhelming even on the hottest days. Icmeler, which you can easily reach by taking the minibuses departing from Marmaris, makes your holiday peaceful with its clean sea, sandy beach and unique view overlooking the islands. The service quality of the facilities on Icmeler Beach is kept to the satisfaction of holidaymakers.