Maldives Travel Forum

Maldives Travel Forum

986/5000I’m willing to be a sloth this summer. I’m gently raising it from the airplane seat I stuck to for 8 hours. A ray of light comes through the blinds and tickles my pupil as if to say, kalk Come on, girl, get up artık.

With the excitement of seeing the first light at the end of the tunnel and the first light at the beginning of the holiday, I lift the sun visor and dive through the clouds of cotton. That’s neeee! A lot of large, small islets; scattered over the Indian Ocean like molds on my grandmother’s jam.

1200 islets change in my mind right away and I am greeted like kings with ‘Welcome to Maldives’. We land on Hulhule Island, where the airport is located. It’s like a giant hair dryer in the sky blowing 30 degrees of heat …

Under the influence of the weather, I come to myself and come out of my dream world at full speed. After 15 minutes with a small ferry, I find myself in the city center of Male, and our island adventure begins. Let’s go with my Maldives Travel Guide yazım