Maldives Attractions & Travel Guide

Maldives Attractions & Travel Guide

May to May. Eventually the long awaited island journey is approaching. I put it on my head this time. I’m hopelessly out in the sand. Not even the end of my finger, not even the hair of my hair will move any force other than the wind. Let me tell you about my short feeling without telling you about the Maldives guide.

I’m willing to be a sloth this summer. I’m gently raising it from the airplane seat I stuck to for 8 hours. A ray of light comes through the blinds and tickles my pupil as if to say, kalk Come on, girl, get up artık.

With the excitement of seeing the first light at the end of the tunnel and the first light at the beginning of the holiday, I lift the sun visor and dive through the clouds of cotton. That’s neeee! A lot of large, small islets; scattered over the Indian Ocean like molds on my grandmother’s jam.

1200 islets change in my mind right away and I am greeted like kings with ‘Welcome to Maldives’. We land on Hulhule Island, where the airport is located. It’s like a giant hair dryer in the sky blowing 30 degrees of heat …

Under the influence of the weather, I come to myself and come out of my dream world at full speed. After 15 minutes with a small ferry, I find myself in the city center of Male, and our island adventure begins. Let’s go with my Maldives Travel Guide.

Maldives Visa:
Good news! You can only enter the Maldives with your passport, hotel and flight reservations. Also, like most countries that do not require a visa, they do not charge visa at the gate. In Maldives, a visa is not required for stays up to 30 days if you show your accommodation and flight details.

Transportation to Maldives:
Since the transportation to the Maldives takes a long time, it is useful to make a good decision on the choice of travel (especially if you are fond of your comfort).

  • First one is the direct flight of Thy to Istanbul. I didn’t like the transference so much, I chose this way. The flight took 8 hours. For those who cannot sit for a long time, yes, it is a challenging journey. But if you set the flight times as night, you can spend your sleep asleep. When you buy your tickets a month in advance, it costs like 4,000tl.

Small note: A nice book and movie can make your trip more enjoyable. If you do not want to go to the Maldives with neck pain, I say take your travel pillow.

Our second alternative. Qatar Airlines Indirect Flights

  • From Istanbul and Ankara to Doha: 4 hours
  • 1 hour and 20 minutes waiting time after the flight to Doha

-Doha-Male after 4 hours and 30 minutes flight at the end of Maldives☺

Indirect flight time takes 10 hours with waiting times.

The other option is Emirates’ connecting flight.
-Istanbul-Dubai: 4 hours

-Dubai-Male: 4 hours 30 minutes

If you take into account the waiting times in the Maldives after 10 hours.

How to get from Capital Airport to Male

Welcome to the airport where a journey ended in Uzuunn. Sadly, I’m not done yet. So the path to heaven on earth must be grueling – you have one last little journey to get to the capital Male from Hulhale and the island you will be staying. Don’t be afraid, it’s a voyage to the Indian Ocean.

You can get to the capital Male from the island of Hulhale where the airport is located by small ferries called ‘public ferry.. These ferries depart every 15 minutes and the journey takes 15 minutes. The cost of the ferry is approximately 30 rufian (corresponding to 2 US dollars).

-The island you can stay from the airport, (we can say places to visit in the Maldives) you can also reach by speedboat or seaplane. If you want to provide transportation in this way, you need to talk to your holiday village or hotel in advance and make a reservation. Speedboat price is around $ 20.

We preferred public ferry on the way to our island (Graidhoo Island). We had the money in our pocket – travel time with public ferry; It depends on the distance between Male and the island you will be staying in. Ours took 2 hours. After wandering through the atolls and getting a fresh air, we came to our island. We chose the speed boat if the return of the holiday. We reached Male in 45 minutes.

A small warning: Before deciding which island to stay, you should look at the distance between Hullhale and your hotel on the map. Some islands are quite far and can even find transportation by speed boat for 2 hours.Surat boats depart only at certain times per day.

 If you miss one of these, you may have to spend a day at the airport or in Male instead of spending the day in the white sands. Unfortunately, there is no site showing the time of the speedboats. You should check with your hotel in advance and make reservations.