Eskisehir Places to Visit | Top 5 Best Places!

Eskisehir Places to Visit | Top 5 Best Places!

Eskisehir has become one of the most popular cities of our country in recent years with its rich options for sightseeing.

Eskisehir can be reached by high speed train or highway in important cities such as Bursa, Ankara and Istanbul. This is one of the important factors that make the city moving day and night.

In this article, I will explain all the places that should be visited in our country’s popular, beautiful city.

What to do in Eskisehir?

Eskisehir Places to Visit & Important Tips

  1. Historic Odunpazarı Area
  2. Odunpazarı Houses
  3. Porsuk Stream and Islands Region
  4. Sazova Science Art and Culture Park
  5. Kursunlu Mosque and Complex
  6. Eskişehir Zoo & ETİ Underwater World
  7. Atlıhan Handicrafts Bazaar
  8. Eskisehir Wax Sculptures Museum
  9. Kentpark
  10. Eti Archeology Museum
  11. Waterfall Park
  12. Tasbasi Bazaar
  13. Two September Street
  14. Doctors Street
  15. Esminyatürk Masterpieces of the Turkish World
  16. Haller Youth Center
  17. Turkish World Science Culture Art Center
  18. Aladdin Mosque
  19. Museum of Contemporary Glass Arts
  20. Revolutionary Car
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    Map of Eskisehir Attractions
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Although I have the chance to visit many parts of the world, I am extremely happy to live in this beautiful city.

Touristic, extremely safe, quiet but 2-3 days is more than enough for me to visit this beautiful city where you can find most things you need. I will share various information, advice and photos about the most important places to visit in the city during the Eskişehir Attractions article but pay attention to these beforehand;

 Where to stay? The historical Odunpazarı area, the Adalar area around the Porsuk Stream and the lively Bağlar area are the most popular places to stay. Details Where to stay in Eskisehir You can read my article.

 Hotel recommendations: Some of the most popular hotels in Eskisehir: 3 ★ Hilton Garden Inn, 4 ★ Divan Express Eskisehir Hotel and 5 ★ Tasigo Hotels Eskisehir Bademlik Termal

 Note: I generally make my hotel reservations from, but as you know, reservations cannot be made from hotels in Turkey.

The most striking part of the Odunpazari area is undoubtedly the Historical Odunpazari Houses. These buildings, which were shown among the oldest houses of the city until recently, are good examples of traditional Ottoman civil architecture.

After the restoration works in the region recently, the houses gained a completely different face. Although most of the houses are still used for accommodation, some of the houses now serve as boutique hotels, cafes, restaurants, museums and souvenir shops.

Obviously, this is one of the places that I enjoy visiting in Eskişehir. Wandering between historic houses takes you on a journey in time.

The longest tributary of the Sakarya River, Porsuk Stream passes through Eskişehir. As you can see on the map, Porsuk passes through many points of the city. The most famous of these is the region called “Islands tarafından by the locals. This map is located in the northern part. Parallel to Doctors Street.

There are many cafes and restaurants around Porsuk Stream. Gondola and boat tours organized in the spring and summer months, where the weather is nice, adds a special beauty to the region.

Although many parks have been built in Eskişehir in recent years, Sazova Park is undoubtedly the most famous one. Science, Art and Culture Park is located on the Eskişehir-Kütahya road. Especially for families with children can have a very enjoyable time in the park is really big and there are many sections that may interest you.

Fairy Tale Castle, Pirate Ship, Eskişehir Zoo, ETİ Underwater World, Japanese Garden, Sabancı Space House, Science Culture Center, Esminyatürk, Eskişehir Culture Center such as Turkish World Culture Center are among the most important places in our park.

If you want to explore the points of interest in the park in detail, you can spend your day in the park without exaggeration.

The Kurşunlu Mosque, located in the Odunpazarı region, is one of the historical and important religious buildings of Eskişehir. The mosque part of the complex, which was built by Shepherd Mustafa Pasha in 1525, is still one of the important religious buildings of the city.

Other parts of the complex; Meerschaum Museum, Handicrafts Bazaar, Osman Yaşar Tanaçan Photography Museum and Hot Glass Blowing Workshop.