5 Steps to Bangkok

5 Steps to Bangkok

When you arrive in Bangkok, you will come across very luxurious skyscrapers, and you will come across amazing architectural temples that you cannot believe to be true at every corner. While cutting the Buddhist monks in the oranges, you will find a very modern plaza man with a white earpiece and a charismatic suit. Is something burning? No! The smell coming from your nose, the flavors cooked in the street.

Gökdelenler ve ihtişamlı tapınaklar etrafınızı sarmışken, nehrin diğer yanında derme çatma evleri göreceksiniz. Lüks otomobillerin size yol verdiğini hissedip onlara gülümsediğinizde; toplu taşıma aracı tuk tuklar dikkatinizi çekecek. Bangkok gezinizde şaşırmadığınız, yeni şeyler öğrenmediğiniz bir an bile olmayacak. Her şeyin bir arada fakat apayrı olduğu bu şehirde, iki şey aklınıza takılacak: Bu kadar renk bir şehre nasıl sığar? Bu şehir en kolay yoldan nasıl keşfedilir? Size biraz yardımcı olalım…

Sanatla Özdeş Manevi Yaşam

When you think about it, temples are definitely the silhouette of Bangkok. Because the most tourist attraction, the subject of photographs are temples. People are right, we dreamed of the cake-covered houses, made of concrete and iron version of these temples. These rich architectures created with their unique style reflect the spirit of the Far East. It’s not as great as a sense of art that identifies with religion and eventually fuses with the city, you’ll learn it in Bangkok. Place temple visits at the top of your to-do list in Bangkok. The most famous temples of Bangkok, Wat Pho with the statue of Buddha lying 5 feet high with mother-of-pearl legs, Wat Arun with its magnificent architecture and Wat Phra Kaew with Emerald Buddha. Great architecture? Grand Place and the statues of the statues of the Buddha in the splendor of the word is even less. Remember, when visiting Buddhist temples, make sure your shoulders and knees are closed.

Channels and Lives

In Bangkok, rich and poor people live side by side. It’s normal that you won’t be surprised, because we are actually experiencing this. But it’s a little different here. The line between the two lives is too stiff. You will be amazed by the houses built on top of the river, which is similar to the streets you have just visited, and does not even pass by the buildings you admire. You will be able to experience the difference between these two worlds with organized canal trips. Thanks to this trip, you will be able to compare two very different lives and clearly see the lifestyles of Bangkok villagers.

Street Flavors

Bangkok cuisine is as interesting and diverse as its own. There are upscale restaurants and they are really good. But in Bangkok, food is eaten on the street. Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Gai Satay, the most famous flavors of Thailand, are waiting for you with the scents they create on the street.

Extraordinary Shopping

Thailand is a really cheap city. It gives you the freedom to eat, drink and shop. The secret of shopping in Bangkok; bargain. Before you travel, you should do some rehearsal at the Grand Bazaar because the tradesmen here are hard bargains. When it comes to luxury shopping, the first stops that come to mind will be Siam Paragon, which includes brands such as Ferrari and Porsche, MBK Plaza and World Trade Center with more than 2000 stores. If you say, imiz Isn’t there something swollen from shopping malls? Iz we recommend Bangkok’s floating markets. With the boats you board, you can walk between the canals and shop from the shops on the shore. We strongly recommend you to taste the tropical fruits sold on boats. Pak Khlong Talad Flower Market with its colorful flowers and Chatuchak Weekend Market, which has a variety of products to surprise, will not leave your shopping love unrequited.

Those two words that our body will fall in love with; Thai Massage

Tired of exploring Bangkok. But there’s a cure, Thai massage. It’s a traditional massage. Visitors generally prefer the massage programs offered by Wat Pho Massage School. You may think it is very crowded, there are many massage salons in Bangkok which are available in various sizes and offer different price options. The place doesn’t matter, no matter where you are, you must do this beauty to your body and soul.